Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Writing around children

A few things you might like to check out when you have a moment:

I did an in-depth interview with writer Allison Tait as part of the Australian Writers Centre's "So You Want to be a Writer" podcast - which is a great podcast full of practical, down-to-earth tips on writing. You can read more on the AWC website or find it on iTunes here (our conversation starts about 24 minutes in).

On May 20, Allison Tait is also running a workshop at the Sydney Writers Festival on "Finding Time to Write When You Have a Family", which - knowing Allison - is bound to be super informative and loads of fun.

And while we're talking tips on writing around children, Rebecca Bowyer has written a lovely personal response to Motherhood & Creativity on the Women's Agenda website. She opens it with:

How do you find the time to write? It's a question I'm asked fairly regularly given I work a 7 day fortnight, care for 2 preschoolers, run a household and publish a blog. ...
Here's what I tell people when they ask how I find the time to write:
I write instead of watching TV.
I write instead of doing housework.
I write instead of staring out the train window on the way to work.
I write instead of sleeping.

A woman after my own heart!

A huge congratulations to fellow Affirm Press author Emily Bitto, who won the Stella Prize for her beautifully observed novel, The Strays.

As co-owner of Carlton bar Heartattack & Vine, Emily says her ideal scenario would be writing in the mornings and serving drinks at night. Yep, that sounds like the best kind of writing life to me too!

Emily donated a portion of her prize money to the Wilderness Society. Writers rock!

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