Thursday, December 17, 2015

Me and Elizabeth Gilbert (well, sort of) on Creativity

I had the great pleasure of talking to Sarah Kanowski for her program on Creativity the other day for local ABC - listen here. It was a bit intimidating to know that our interview followed hot on the heels of Sarah's discussion with the very warm and wise Elizabeth Gilbert, who has been giving so much thought to this territory. But nevertheless I enjoyed offering another angle on the creativity subject - especially when being interviewed by such an interesting and sensitive presenter.


kate said...

Hi Rachel, I have just read your book Motherhood and Creativity between feeds in the small hours of the morning, god it was great! Thank u - I immediately bought it as a gift for two friends. I was chatting to a friend today and we commented that a similar book that reflects the male experience of fatherhood and work would be so valuable. Do you know any good ones or could you please write it!!??

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