Monday, February 9, 2009

Making and Mending--giving to those affected by the fires

I have spoken to so many people today who are feeling helpless in the face of the suffering caused by yesterday's horrific bushfires across Victoria, now expected to claim up to 230 lives. Many of the stories are just unbearable.

At work today--the Victorian branch of the Australian Education Union--we heard that we had tragically lost two of our members. We also spoke to terribly distressed principals whose schools were destroyed and who were marking the school roll with a very different agenda, desperately ticking off the names of children found to be safe amid all those still unaccounted for.

If you are one of those wonderful crafters who reads this blog and you are able to contribute some of your wares to bushfire victims, your fellow creators have set up Handmade Help to help co-ordinate donations.