Monday, November 14, 2011

An interview about The Divided Heart (three years on...)

It's funny how things come in waves. I haven't been approached for an interview about The Divided Heart for a while, and then I suddenly received three requests all in the one week.

All the requests were for great websites/blogs run by impressive creative types. I will link to the interviews as they are posted, but the first cab off the rank is a chat with bookseller Nina Mansfield over at typset, a blog offering "book dirt for book worms".

I am always surprised when women without children tell me they loved The Divided Heart. It's really heartening to know that it spoke to them anyway, whether they're wrestling with the question of whether or not to have children, or because they found it emblematic of broader questions about what it means to be an artist, or at least live a creative life.

Nina apologised for her "rambling" questions, but they weren't at all. They were very thoughtful -- and it was nice to have the chance to revisit some of the issues.

It's funny, too, that she used the pic above with the post. It wasn't until after I published my book that I realised "the divided heart" most often gets used in a religious context. Ah well, it's all about the internal conflicts that come with devotion, I guess!


genevieve said...

I think that's a fairly distinctive use for that picture on Nina's part anyway, Rachel.
Jesus' heart is wounded at the end of his crucifixion to hasten death: 'they pierced his side, and out came blood and water' (meaning he was very close to death anyway.)
I wouldn't usually associate the Sacred Heart with a divided heart myself.

Rachel Power said...

Yes, you're right there, Genevieve. I've exposed my own lack of religious education! I will have to do my research -- and can only guess at the significance for Nina.