Sunday, February 3, 2013

Clare Bowditch is making it POZIBLE

I know that Clare Bowditch, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, needs no introduction from me.

If you've read The Divided Heart and watched her career blossom over the years, you will know just what a stellar job she's done of combining family life with the demands of high-pressure work in the music and TV industries. 

And if you've read interviews with Clare or seen her perform live, you'll also know what an unusally warm, honest and big-hearted soul she is. A woman with bucketloads to give!

So lucky for us, this is just what Clare is planning to do next: use her experience of forging a successful creative life to help others do the same. And to get things going, she's set up a Pozible Campaign for her Big-Hearted Business.

She's got loads of goodies for supporters. But I'll let Clare tell you about that: 

Over the years, some of you have come to my shows, drunk a little too much, and trapped me in corners with questions like:

- Can you come over to my house for Devonshire tea and Pimms Cups? (Yes!)
- Can I come over to your studio and record with you and Marty? (Yes!)
- Can you make a surprise video proposing to my partner for me? (Yes!)
- Have you got any rare super-fine merch for sale? (Yes!)
- Can you help me work out how to make my living as an artist? (Yes!)
- My job is freaking boring. Can you come over and make it fun? (Oh YES!)

Today, the answer is a very sincere YES, to all of the above. To cash in, all you gotta do is get your buttski over to our new Big-Hearted Business POZIBLE CAMPAIGN. Please share the link far and wide!

In advance, thanks for supporting this: it means a lot, you'll see why.

If you want a little insight into what Clare's Big-Hearted Business will be all about, watch her inspiring TED talk below:

'Falling in love with your muse' Clare Bowditch at TEDxLittleLonsdaleStWomen, 1 December 2012 from Emily Hehir on Vimeo.


sister outlaws said...

who wouldn't want to be a part of this? Clare just exudes warmth and charm....and heart

Rachel Power said...

Doesn't she just?! I think Clare's business -- all about helping creative people make a living from their work -- is going to be an exciting space to watch!

Elisabeth said...

I enjoyed Clare's Ted X talk so much. It stays with me. What an inspiration.

Megan.K. said...

She is just so beautiful and full of life. Thank you for this video link, Rachel. What an inspiring talk.