Friday, May 15, 2015

Modern motherhood - what does it all mean?

I recently got a call from journalist Liz Walsh, asking if I was happy to talk to her for an Adelaide Advertiser feature to coincide with Mothers Day.

"No worries," I responded innocently. Before she proceeded to ask me one of the curliest questions I think I've ever had thrown at me: "So, what does it mean to be a mother in 2015?"

Oh my goodness! I've spent so much time thinking about mothering in relation to art and creativity specifically, I'm not used to talking about motherhood in the broadest sense, let alone what it means to be a mother now versus at other times in history. Especially off the cuff!

Liz also interviewed comedian/singer Em Rusciano and child psychologist Jodie Benveniste for the story - and it's fascinating how aligned we all were in our thinking. Basically, all arguing for the importance of love and intuition and ditching impossible expectations for ourselves as women mothering in very complex times.

I'm not sure if my responses were particularly coherent, but I think it's a great article - and you can read it here.

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deeps said...

A mother is a mother no matter when