Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Talking about the "M" word

As writer and blogger Kerry Clare says, she and I first connected through serendipity back in 2008 when I left a question on her blog about the ambiguous ending to Emily Perkin's Novel About my Wife.

At the time, Kerry was still prgenant with her first baby, but wrote a very generous and insightful review of The Divided Heart on her great literary blog, Pickle Me This. Then, a few years later, having had her own children, she went on to edit a sensational book of essays about contemporary motherhood called The M Word.

So, as Kerry says, "everything is a circle", and she has now interviewed me for her blog. She presented me with a very intelligent list of questions that really made me think! I hope I have done them justice - you can read my answers here.

With the book launch for Motherhood & Creativity being tonight (aargh!), this interview feels like good timing -- reminding me why motherhood is, as Kerry says, "so incredibly interesting, the ideas around it far-reaching and important." Hear, hear!

Love to see you at the launch if you can make it: Readings Carlton, 6.30pm.


Sam said...

Enjoy tonight! May it be a raging success! I'd be there, but for a sick toddler and a car accident last week. *sigh*. Life, ain't it grand!

Rachel Power said...

Sorry you couldn't make it, Sam - but thanks for the good wishes. As soon as I can, I'll post a video of the speeches - just got to get them off Clare B's phone! x

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