Thursday, May 28, 2009

Will they forgive us?

I have just had a message from author Charlotte Wood, who I was lucky enough to meet at the Sydney Writers Festival last week, and whose powerfully insightful novel, The Children, I have just started reading (more when I've finished).

Charlotte was reading this blog (bless her) and came across the earlier post about the ethics of writing about those we love. Being such a "tricky area", she has just written her MCA thesis on it -- focusing strictly on fiction, and called Forgive Me, Forgive Me: Ethical Anxieties in Fiction Writing.

She says: "The most interesting part of it was interviewing other writers, from Helen Garner to Robert Drewe to Tegan Bennett Daylight about their views on the ethics of writing fiction using real people's lives as material. Meanjin is to publish a 10,000 word essay extracted from my thesis in its December 09 issue."

This is bound to be a fascinating read! And quite a coup to get some of those authors' comments, I would think -- though if you meet Charlotte you'll understand the powers of her charm!

And while we're on the subject of Meanjin, having just spent a heavenly week at Varuna: The Writers' House, I actually had some time to read (and stoke the open fire and cook breakfast for one, i.e. just me -- amazing what a treat that is), I had a chance to read the latest issue of Meanjin, which includes a devastating and exquisitely written piece, "Losing Iris", by Barefoot Magazine editor Rachel Watts about the sudden death of her almost three-year-old daughter. Then, through my tears, I also read the interesting discussion between Sophie Cunningham and Nam Le.

In the meantime, check out Charlotte Wood's fabulous blog.


home girl said...

its bedtime but i couldn't resist reading Losing Iris online, knowing it would most likely cut to the core and lead to a fitful night sleep. such unimaginably cruel twist of fate. will try to focus on how wonderfully alive my kids are 2moro rather than how much they are drving me insane. great to hear you had an indugent time in amongst the work, lets talk coffee soon

Kate Moore said...

Ai, yi, yi. That week does sound like bliss. Interesting reading (not buying books, not buying books, not buying books). I am making a list though and guess what's going on my Chrissie pressie wishlist? ; )

Rachel Power said...

Varuna is a slice of heaven. You are expected to write, surrounded by other people doing the same, and staff take care of the rest. Truly amazing! But I did completely wear out the credit card buying books during the festival. Every time I saw someone talk, I'd think "I have to have that book!" Very dangerous, these literary events.

Red Hen (dette) said...

How lovely to have some time to yourself!
I know your blog is not the general kind where bloggers tag and 'play games' but I was tagged recently with an Awe-summm blog award and a part of it is to link on to 7 other blogs that you think are awesome. I have linked to your blog as I have found it interesting and thought provoking. So take the compliment and do not feel obliged to 'Play On'!

Anonymous said...

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