Friday, November 22, 2013

Spreading the love: Big Hearted Business Virtual Conference launched today
There are a lot of amazingly creative people out there. Then there is that rare beast who is both a startling talent and who also wants to use that talent to create some real change in the world.

If you know Clare Bowditch like I do, you'll know that when this woman believes in you, she becomes not only your friend but your greatest champion.

Through all the time in which she has been cultivating her own creative career, Clare's determination to see others succeed to bring her friends along with her has been an equally mighty, passionate force. 

That means that there are times  those times when you feel less than deserving of her persistent faith in your potential when that can be wee bit confronting. It's not always easy to face up to your deepest desires. But Clare will remain determined to see those around her be the best they can be; to help you find a way to do the things that actually make you happy.

As a long-time friend of Clare's, I've been lucky enough to be among the beneficiaries of her constant encouragement over the years. But with Big Hearted Business, she's now sharing the love far and wide, so everyone can get some of that tough (and oh-so-warm) love in their lives.

Clare really believes that with the right knowledge and support you can “Do What you Love, Make Money, Save the World (even just a little bit)” – and the enormously generous speakers at her BHB Conference offered the practical, living proof of how. 

Since that event, I've heard from so many women who've said the conference finally gave them the permission, the confidence and the tools to forge ahead with their creative lives. 

If, like me, you were there, you probably can't wait to re-live it and finally get down all those pearls of wisdom you wish you'd written down at the time! 

And if you weren't among the lucky few to win a golden ticket, Big Hearted Business has launched its BHB Virtual Conference 2013, so that you can watch all the best bits anyway.  
This virtual version is a "super-highlights treasure-chest" of the finest moments from the BHB Conference 2013. It includes talking videos, downloadable audios and transcripts of most of the keynotes, stories, question-times and exercises.

And most importantly, thanks to Catherine Deveny, you'll learn how to develop serious “F*ck off Status” some of the best advice you could get on putting fears and doubts in their place and getting on with the creative dream!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel,

I recently started listening to the speakers - via podcast so I could make art at the same time! I loved your talk, related to it strongly, and gained a lot from it... Thank you. :)

Rachel Power said...

Thanks Jess. That means a lot. I'm looking forward to popping in to Dench to check out the exhibition. Bring on that book collaboration! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael, Thanks so much for being a part of the BHB conference! I read your book 6years ago when I had my first son, and have recommended it so many times to others since then!
I wrote about BHB on my blog the other day, and quoted you: