Monday, November 17, 2014

Talking divided hearts on Triple R

I had the pleasure of talking about The Divided Heart on Triple R's "Reading Room" segment with host Kulja Coulston and author/ illustrator Sally Rippin as part of station's Grapevine program today.

You can listen here if you like. Our chat starts at about 2:27:00 into the recording.

Working on the reissue of The Divided Heart has again given me the chance to talk to some incredible women artists. I'd forgotten how much I love meeting and talking to women about these deeply felt issues. It's wonderful to be reminded how discussing the "intersection" of mothering and creativity leads to such a profound and heartfelt explorations of both.

A book like this relies on the openness of its subjects - and I am still struck, every time I meet one of my interviewees, by the extraordinary intelligence, honesty and generosity of spirit - not to mention the precious time - that these women proffer.

It's as though I myself finally understand what playwright Hannie Rayson meant when she said: “There is such intelligence, insight and honesty in this book, which makes me remember why I love being in the company of women. Perversely perhaps, this book made me yearn to go back and do it all again.”

Me too!


Unknown said...

Hi Rachel, I'm really looking forward to listening to the interview but the recording link you have posted ends at 3.06. Any thoughts? Thanks, Anne

Rachel Power said...

oops, sorry Anne! Silly me. It's 2:27.